Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for just about any questions you might have.

Feel free to contact us with any further inquiries!

What type of meals do you offer?

GODEGA offers an eclectic mix of global cuisines-- with an emphasis on Mediterranean and Persian dishes. We strive to have well-curated local deli options, designed by a team of chefs that is always growing.

How long do GODEGA meals stay fresh?

All GODEGA dishes can be stored up to one week in the fridge, and one month in the freezer-- in order to maintain quality and freshness. 

Can I cancel my GODEGA subscription at any time?

All GODEGA subscriptions can be cancelled with a week's notice. Accounts can be paused at any time (but will incur a small monthly fee until resumed or cancelled).

Do GODEGA meals and products have calorie counts?

Every item in our marketplace has full, certified, nutrition information labels with complete ingredient lists.

Do you offer Vegetarian / Vegan options?

Absolutely! GODEGA is always willing to add more options for members in your family who have. specific dietary restrictions. Members can contact us at anytime with requests!

Is GODEGA a weight-loss or diet program?

Many of our menu items are designed to be health and diet focused. We also include full nutritional and caloric information for each item. As a GODEGA member, you have the ability to request personalized meal-prep based on your weekly caloric intake.

Do you offer low-sodium options?

Most of our food is naturally low in sodium, as we believe in fresh ingredients and patient processes to develop flavor-- instead of salt or sugar bombing.

What if I have an allergy?

One of the things that sets GODEGA apart from other online meal services is our ability to adapt to our member's specific needs. We will work directly with you to customize your order to avoid allergy issues, and ensure your food safety.

I have very specific dietary restrictions, is this a problem?

GODEGA members will be treated like guests in our home, and will be fully accommodated based on ANY special requirements.

What if I am not home, or otherwise unable to receive a GODEGA delivery?

We will work with you to find suitable delivery times to avoid potential delivery issues. As a small company, we offer what larger corporations can't: flexibility on a member-by-member basis.

Which courier or delivery service does GODEGA use?

To ensure the highest level of service and quality, we deliver all products and meals ourselves in refrigerated vans using insulated packaging.

Is your packaging recyclable?

All GODEGA packaging is high quality, fresh-sealing compostable containers or reusable glass.

How should I store my GODEGA meals/products?

Our meal. containers are designed to be conveniently stacked your refrigerator, or in our jars for your pantry.

How do I heat or reheat my GODEGA meals?

Full heating instructions are available on our App, and can be scanned via our QR code on all GODEGA products.